The founder of Macroair Technologies Inc. is Mr. Walter Boyd who is the inventor of HVLS fans. Industry has gained many products such as motocross racing frames, aluminum felt layer for roofing, self-erecting portable video screen systems and of course HVLS fans through his investigative approach to various problems as an inventor.

In 1998 Mr. Boyd encountered a problem at a dairy farm run by his friend. The problem was; dairy cattle stop eating when they suffer from heat stress. When they don’t eat, milk production slows or comes to a halt. And the dairyman’s business becomes even more challenging. Small high-speed fans helped, but didn’t cover a wide enough area, are less efficient, consume excessive and costly energy, and require ongoing maintenance. Mr. Boyd designed a large, slow moving overhead barn fan that takes the advantage of the laws of physics. According to fan laws, a fan of 1/2 diameter would produce 1/8 the output; it would have to turn 8 times faster to match the output. Similar fan law states that; the power to drive a fan increases roughly with the cube of the average air speed through the air circulating fan, meaning if you increase the air velocity delivered by a fan-say 4 times-then you have to use 64 times more power!  After being used in dairy barns, HVLS fans found themselves  installation places at equine and poultry facilities, depots, warehouses, factories, sports arenas, hangars etc.

HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fans move very slowly but (due to their big diameters) are capable to move high volume of air. With the advantage of slow moving they require very small amount of power compared to box fans. Low air velocity not only prevents the dust to be kept down but also increases the indoor air quality and the thermal comfort of living beings by gently evaporating the moisture on their skins (evaporative cooling). These fans support heating and cooling systems of the building and thus let the building owner reduce the energy need and its related costs. Frequency inverter and double direction (clockwise and reverse) features enable to set the thermostat upto 5 Deg C higher during the summer and 2-3 Deg C lower during winter without compromising thermal comfort. This ability lets heating and cooling appliances run less and save more from energy costs. Saving energy and its related costs help to achieve LEED points. MacroVoltaic, an innovative HVLS fan is the world’s first and only fan that can run 100% by solar power.

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