HUBBELL Water Heaters

Hubbell has started manufacturing water heaters nearly a century ago (est. 1920) and whether it is an office building, an industrial facility or a submarine; Hubbell has the ability to manufacture storage or tankless water heaters, heat recovery units, point of use mini water heaters, special purpose (hazardous, RO and DI water, tepid water for eyewash) water heaters which fullfill the specifications of all the rigorous applications. These high quality products comply with regarding ASME standards and also cUL listed. Hubbell water heaters distinguish with a very important feature from other heaters; they are coated with a special cement based material (hydrastone) instead of glass-lining. Hydrastone can fully cover all surfaces in touch with corrosive hot water and eliminates the usage of sacrificial anode rod which all glass lined tanks require. Apart from hydrastone, phenolic epoxy lining, flame-spray copper, galvanizing are other coating options. Copper-nickel or stainless steel tanks are non-ferrous tank options which do not require an internal lining.
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