CALMAC Ice Storage Tanks

Calmac ice storage tank is an innovative product developed by Calmac Manufacturing Company which was established in 1947. The company develops and produces these tanks since 1979. Ice storage is one of the methods of cool thermal energy storage and also the most practical choice of these systems in commercial applications. The energy needed to cool the building during the day (where loads add up and reach peak) is stored as ice in the previous night, and this energy is extracted from ice when you need it in peak load hours. This enables the building owner  benefit from cheap night power rates and make huge savings from cooling energy cost, decrease the peak load and protect himself from additional peak demand charges and more environmental benefits. Calmac tanks are produced and tested in the USA which you can rely on and continue to make savings for many years, have no spare part requirement and nearly maintenance free. Calmac ice storage tanks enable to design a smaller capacity cooling plant (chiller, cooling tower, circulation pumps, tranformers,back up generators) compared to a conventional cooling plant. Lower cooling water temperatures also enable to select smaller coils and duct sections which decreases the first installation costs. All these, shorten the payback period of the installation and let you start earning in reasonable time.

Owners who install off peak cooling and pursue to have prestigious buildings not only benefit significant energy cost savings but also earn more credits and reach easier to their target level in the process of getting Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certificate for their projects. (Source: LEED 2009 Reference Guide, E&A Section). Research studies point out that high performance buidings (i.e. LEEED Gold or Platinum) can be rented at higher rental rates.

You may attain more information about off peak cooling and Calmac ice storage tanks in the Literature section.