About Us

Ergintech has been founded by Cihan Ergin in October 2011. Cihan Ergin worked at Makyal Construction, Alsim Alarko and Enka Construction (no.37 in ENR 2008 list) which are among the leading contractors in Turkey since 1998. He has completed various tasks almost in every discipline of building mechanics such as design check, mechanical installation and supervising, start up and commisioning, design coordination and procurement. Reference projects and duties can be summarized as; site engineer at a command and control headquarter which is an ultra-smart building project for military, mechanical chief assistant at Astana International Airport project in Kazakhstan, and design coordination and procurement engineer for Mall of Russia project in Moscow.

We decided to establish Ergintech with self-confidence rooted with the gain of significant experience by contributing to featured projects mentioned above; thus directly serving our clients about their mechanical requirements especially in the areas of sustainability, efficient energy consumption and diminishing the impact on environment, rather than indirectly helping them within contractor organizations. We are capable to provide support in terms of information, material and equipment and complete system solutions.

It is obvious that companies who do not consider the importance of sustainability and invest into these cutting edge technologies will hardly struggle to exist and compete. As Ergintech we will be in close follow up of the existing and emerging technologies, material and equipment which contribute to high performance (green) buildings and strive to be your sentinel to support your business.